Become a teacher?

We teach on WeChat. Pretty cool huh?
Make your spare time more productive!
Flexible schedule! Conversational/situational  lessons! 
Help people to improve their overall English skills!
Anywhere, anytime!

Let’s go for it!

We’re looking for part-time native American English teachers to do voice chat sessions on WeChat to help people improve their English. Time and location are flexible. As long as you have a smart phone, and Wi-Fi access plus the WeChat app you are ready to Rock and Roll!

Come and join us!


1. Native American English speaker with no accent.
2. Bachelor degree and above.
3. At least 1 year of teaching experience.
4. Responsible and willing to help students to reach their individual English learning goals. 
5. Be able to commit to at least 3 months of work.

For more information about this part-time teaching position, please contact our recruiter Amy at 

We will get back to you within 3 business days.

Thank you for your interest at Idream Global Inc.