Amy 老师的面试过程为例


应聘 —— 初试 —— 入职前培训 —— 终试 —— 开课测评 —— 团队测评 —— 第一节课 —— 评分反馈




  • 顶尖的3%优秀外教通过率


  • 拥有至少北美学士学位以上纯正美语为官方语言国家的名牌大学毕业


  • 100% 地道美语发音,无口音


  • 建立以孩子为主父母为辅的课后对外教真实反馈与评价实行优胜劣汰制




Amy Zdon

A US native, Amy has experience teaching English to all ages from early childhood to adults. She gained her experience through teaching at a private English academy in South Korea, as well as at Hong Kong Baptist University and with private tutoring clients in Hong Kong. Having a classical education herself has led her to develop a respect for grammatically correct communication and a passion for English literature. She has been appreciated by her past students particularly for her supportive and patient nature. A lover of Chinese culture, she has spent time living in Shanghai pursuing language studies of her own, thereby gaining more insight into the specific challenges of transitioning between Chinese and English. She is excited to start her next chapter of teaching, as she is looking forward to the energetic and sweet nature of child learners!